Sage Smudge Sticks


Purple Sage Smudge Sticks 


Our sage is lovingly grown in our physic garden. We hold our land sacred and grow our herbs in ceremony and with gratitude. We honour the directions that each bless us with the elements required for the land to thrive.  

The burning of fragrant incenses and herbs is used in many traditions throughout the world. Smudging is a way of cleansing the energies, of clearing away all that is not ours and sweeping away energies that don't serve us or don't belong to us. 

Many different herbs can be used for smudging, depending on your focus. Herbs can be uplifting, mood enhancing, energising, cleansing and purifying, antibacterial and antimicrobial. Herbs can be used to add a sense of 'sweetness' or to call in abundance.  


Sage is a popular herb to use for smudging. It is particularly used to clear negative energies from a place, space or person. Sage is associated with the wisdom of the Crone.